Zening - a free multiplayer flash game of strategy

The true nature of reality...

Katrina is a war reporter. Her war used to be the war Out There, the ongoing struggle between man and machine, but she was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to be rushed to this hospital. This hospital, where her dreams are filled with monsters and fighting. Now her war exists only in her dreams – or so she thinks. Soon she'll discover their true nature, dreams that seem more real than her fleeting, waking life.

A strategy game with a deep storyline, Zening offers up to thirty playable characters, up to 20-player multiplayer team matches and close to thirty minutes of fully-voiced cut scenes.

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Team up for 20-player battles in this beautiful strategy game featuring a deep storyline, co-op laevels, and massive online gameplay.

  • 20 player deathmatch
  • fully voiced narrative
  • 30 playable characters


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